Brandt & Brandt Computer GmbH

Skills and Areas of Work

We have been using and studying systems of the Unix family for twenty years, first among them Sun Solaris, but also NetBSD, Mac OS/X, and Linux. From the beginning, we have integrated commercial software with Free and Open Source Software, combining the strengths of commercial support with the rich features, fast development cycles, flexibility, extension possibilities, and security of free software.

The emphasis of our work has been on automation of system installation, patch management, software packaging and deployment, and configuration.

Specific Solaris Skills:

Aside from installation and configuration, systems programming has regularly been our task. We prefer the Perl programming language, which we know in depth. Here is a list of the languages that we have used:


Wir installed, configured, and administered instances of the following database systems:

We have applied the following source code management systems:

For production of documentation and reports, we strongly recommend tools based on open standards. Convertibility and automation depend on them. We have found the following techniques and tools worth considering: